Carp Zone – Padded Six Leg Carp Fishing Bedchair with Removable Wellie Wipe

Carp Zone Padded Six Leg Fishing Bedchair is a top-of-the-range fishing bedchair designed for ultimate comfort and multiple function possibilities. Equipped with two tone, fully padded mattress that is strung with highly durable elasticized shock cord, the Carp Zone Padded Six Leg Fishing Bedchair provides 100% comfort and support for all fishing and resting needs. Weighing in at an amazing weight of only 8 kilograms, this bedchair is easy to carry and very lightweight for its size of 210 cm (length) and 86 cm (width).

Striving to provide the maximum comfort after a hard day of work, Carp Zone Padded Six Leg Fishing Bedchair is equipped with a built-in elevated pillow head to support the neck during sleep. This feature eliminates the common morning neck pain that is usually the problem of many people when sleeping. This bechair is also integrated with a back reclining mechanism to allow adjustments for optimal back support and easy positive positioning.

Strength and Comfort

Carp Zone Padded Six Leg Fishing Bedchair’s frame is robustly constructed with super lightweight, aero-grade aluminum that is also used in leading industries such as aviation and plane construction. This is what makes the Carp Zone Bedchair a very portable and easy to carry device perfect for group camping and outdoor game fishing. It has double-braced, swept down legs that are fully adjustable via unique plate-locking system available only to Carp Bedchairs. To allow deployment in soft ground and muddy areas, all of Carp Zone Padded Bedchair’s legs are also equipped with durable, swiveling mudfeet for multiple deployment possibilities.

Perfect for any kind of Weather

Coming in with a detachable wellie wipe included upon purchase, Carp Zone Padded Six Leg Fishing Bedchair makes sure that wet and muddy occasions will not stop its function. The detachable wellie wipe is made with a special fabric that absorbs water and dirt efficiently, making bedchair clean-ups a lot easier and manageable.

Perfect for any kind of weather, Carp Zone Padded Six Leg Fishing Bedchair is sure to bring comfort and ease to every outdoor camping and fishing expedition. With a lightweight frame and a padded mattress to go along, this bedchair is the perfect fit for every angler and outdoor enthusiast’s need.

Key Product Features

• Removable Wellie Wipe.
• Padded Main Mattress.
• Lightweight – Aero-Spec Aluminium Frame.
• Adjustable Legs with Mudfeet.

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